Saturday 8 May 2010

Fear not the frog!

Dear Knitty people, do you ever feel as though your UFOs have become a burden?

Right now I have simply too many projects on the go, in various states of success. Some of them are "going to be gorgeous when finished" ...if I could only remember where the hell I got to in the pattern. Others niggle at me because there is something slightly wrong with them that I don't want to face up to. (Then there are the ones that I have forgotten all about).

The sad fact is that knitting has begun to feel a bit like like my in-tray at work. It has become a horrid "to do list", none of which excite me any more because I want to move on to shiny new things.

So, dear knitters, I have decided that drastic action is needed. I am having a Frogathon!

Casualty #1: Selbu Modern.
This reached about 70% completion. I still adore the pattern. I even still love the yarn (Louisa Harding Willow Tweed)... however this project has failed on many levels.

First of all, my chosen colour combination, while pretty, lacks sufficient contrast to show off the fair isle pattern. It is too muted by far. Secondly, the needles have been utterly horrible to work on. (Never again will I buy cheap, rubbishy, 2.25mm bamboo circs from Chinese ebay). Thirdly, I made an error of judgement and overcompensated for my slightly thicker yarn by removing a pattern repeat. Suffice to say this hat was turning out child-sized.

Let the frog commence...

Such liberation.... this is the start of things to come.

I shall be recording all of my frogged projects here in Rav: Frogathon

So far 8 Projects frogged in a day!