Sunday 14 June 2009

Utter knutters (and cats)

Yesterday, along with my friends, Charlotte and Melanie, I participarted in the iKnit London Treasure Hunt.

This event was organised by iKnit London and essentially involved bombing around London trying to find sheep, while carrying out competitive knitting. The 'treasure' included getting pics of yourselves knitting at famous landmarks, and, if possible, knitting beside policemen, celebrities and naked people. (As well as being Worldwide Knit In Public Day, yesterday was world naked cyclist day) Each team also had to try and knit the longest scarf in the time allotted. (our team was The Imperial Kninjas).

Sadly we didn't win the treasure hunt, but we did give ourselves blisters and created a truly hideous combined scarf out of some radioactive acrylic!

A few pics below...

First of all, a random cat pic!

The first thing we did was find a cafe and plan our attack.... until we suddenly noticed that there was a cat under our table, making sweet, sweet love to Melanie's handbag. This handbag just happened to contain cat mint.... ad balls of string. The cat clearly thought it was its birthday and proceeded to get fully coked up before chewing the ends off the yarn.

Knitting in a stinky phone box!

Charlotte chasing a pigeon...

Charlotte and Melanie knitting by the Elgin Marbles

Charlotte teaching a statue to knit...

Mel and Charlotte by the London Eye

Charlotte and me modelling the hideous scarf!

What happened the minute I got home with the catmint in my bag...


  1. Oh wow that looks like such a lot of fun, I would've liked to come along, maybe next year!

  2. It was fun... and Lottie was the star of the day, she knitted more than half of the scarf single handedly!

  3. Thank you, but I did cheat by not holding the camera or map - that gave me some extra knitting time!

  4. This is a brilliant post! What a fantastic idea! You wouldn't believe how wide my smile is right now :)

  5. Hey you should start one up in Wales! A craftaholic treasure hunt... why not? :-p