Sunday, 5 July 2009

Knitterly Trinkets

Sometime last year, when I first had the idea of an Etsy shop, I purchased all of the bits necessary to make some luxury stitch markers. I was full of ideas and wanted to create something so pretty that it would be jewellery for needles, to make knitters' hearts flutter every time they passed a counter. I went ahead immediately and bought a load of sterling silver findings, silver wire, gemstone beads and other bits. In short, I was aflame with enthusiasm.

And then... somehow, 6 months or more slipped by without me making a SINGLE stitch marker. What can I say? I guess I was just too busy. And even when my friend notkottylottie posted her lovely stitch markers on Etsy (, I felt all inspired and guilty, but still didn't get around to it.

Until finally, a couple of weeks ago, I rummaged out my jewellery pliers, set aside a weekend and spent an immersive couple of days producing.
Below are the first eight sets to emerge.... all of these are made from sterling silver with a variety of glass beads and gemstones (rose quartz, turquoise, moonstone, amethyst, topaz, agate).

Who knows... maybe in another 6 months I will make some more!

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