Monday, 31 August 2009

Blocking my Raspberry Beret

Just popping in to share some pics of my latest beret and - more specifically - to mention the blocking technique that I used for this.

The beret and flower were made from one skein of Sublime Kid Mohair, using a free pattern by Susan Power called Baroness Beret (Ravelry link:

I will definitely use this pattern again. As for the yarn, I find it soft and light and almost barely there when wearing the hat. I'm totally in love with the colour. It's such a luscious shade of red... bright like raspberry coulis and a little pinker than pillarbox. The flower was not part of the pattern, but I think it works well, edged with a fine chain of kidsilk haze in black.

My ravelry page for this project is here:

Anyway, onto blocking techniques...

Having made a whole load of lace berets recently, I've got into the habit of blocking them over a dinner plate, which works very nicely for giving that proper beret shape, and really opens out the lace. However I think that this beret has the best blocking result of all - and I think that it is due to having taken an extra bit of care over the ribbing. I've posted a few explanatory pics below...
  • The first pic shows the beret before blocking.
  • The second pic shows the beret stretched over a dinner plate
  • The third pic shows something new - this time I basted the ribbing to pull it into shape over the plate. This made a difference and resulted in a snug, unstretched ribbing
  • The final pic shows how I like to leave the beret to dry overnight.


  1. Thank you :-)
    I would definitely recommend this pattern/yarn combo... and it's a free pattern (hoorah!)

  2. Thanks for sharing your blocking technique, I used it and it worked! You can see the beret I made at my jomadethis wordpress blog. Your raspberry beret is so pretty, too many berets too little time!

  3. Yay for the internet! Thanks for posting this 3 years ago. Just finished my first for the blocking!