Thursday 24 June 2010

Hat lust

Whoo hoo! I know it's too hot to be talking about hats, but I've just spotted that Laurel by Jared Flood has become available as a PDF on ravelry.

I've been wanting to make this gorgeous hat for ages. I think it has the nicest use of cables and bobbles on any hat I've seen, but until now it was hard to get hold of the pattern in the UK.

Just a few months of patience and it will be the onset of autumn, and Laurel will be mine, in a nice tweedy yarn.

Ravelry link here


  1. Cute hat! What color are you going to do yours in?

  2. Hi there... (I feel as though I shouldn't call you knitwit!) ;-)

    I love the purple one in the photo so much that I may copy that colour. Otherwise, I think I'd like it in grey or deep red.

    (PS- I just checked out your blog and your dog hat really cracks me up!)