Saturday 21 May 2011

Ritual Baby Humiliation

Well I promised myself that I'd knock up an owl hat for my soon-to-be baby, and lo and behold it was not an empty threat.  The best thing about babies (especially unborn ones) is that they don't really get the option to say "no"...

I wonder what it is with knitters and owls?  I've never met a knitter that didn't have a soft spot for these feathered lovelies.  I suppose they are the bird equivalent of cats...  and knitters do tend to be cat people.  In fact, my ever-docile cat, Truffle, does a great owl impersonation when I do this to her ears...

Anyway, back to the hat...

The sharp eyed among you might have noticed that this is not a knitted hat but a crocheted one.

There are many patterns on Ravelry for baby owl hats, both knitted and crocheted, but I chose to use this one by Kristi Simpson partly as an excuse to practice my crochet skills.  I crochet so sporadically that it's a good exercise for me to have to read a proper pattern every now and then.  (And I can vouch that this one is really very simple and easy to follow).  

My main fear now is that the hat might turn out to be too small for a newborn.  I think I will block it a bit just to be on the safe side.  (Though, frankly, if a newborn's head turns out to be too big for this hat, then I have bigger worries to contend with than a day of wasted crochet.... ulp!)

As always, full details of the pattern, yarns and hook size can be found on ravelry, here


  1. Soooo cute! :-)

  2. i love it! I need to learn to read crochet patterns properly... maybe this is a good one to muster my way through?