Friday 1 July 2011

9-month craft project

Well - I thought I would pop in and show off my latest FO...
This one took 9 months to make and is now 11 days old.  He's called James, and he is keen to model some of his knitwear, so here goes...

Minutes after being born

Three days old, in his owl hat

Five days old, in his jiffy bag


  1. Oh isn't he adorable! I love that last pic, in his jiffy bag. So. Cute.


  2. He is gorgeous and a very talented model. I really love the jiffy bag.

  3. Aw, doesn't he just look so cute in that jiffy bag!!! Love the first hat too :)

  4. Beautiful baby and beautiful knits - well done!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations :-)


  6. Oh congratulations Susie and DH on your new arrival, isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen! He looks so adorable in his "Jiffy bag" and his Owl Hat :)

    *hugs* Heather x

  7. Congratulations Susie! He's soooo cute!!! And very lucky to have such a talented mommy (to make him so many beautiful things)!!!

  8. Hi!
    Your knitting is amazing. I particularly love the confortable. I was wondering if I could ask you a favor. I have requested the English instructions on Ravelry but have not heard back. I was wondering if you would mind emailing them to me. I am pregnant with our 7th and would LOVE to make this. I am only a month and know it will take the whole time! :)

    If you don't email is

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!
    Your knitting is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    1. Hello Jacqui, I have contacted you by email. Good luck with baby 7!

  9. I love love love your confortable jiffy bag! My sister in law is pregnant and I would love an English translation. Do you have one or know where I could get one? I think that this pattern (and your work) is incredibly stunning. My family had a knitted outfit that many grandmothers ago had made for us kids. All the children in the family wore the outfit on the day they were born. Unfortunately, this outfit burnt in my parent's house fire in '07. My younger brother asked me to create a "new heirloom" for the family. I was so honored to be asked and would love for it to be this pattern! My email address is

  10. Hi Susan,

    I am also in love with the jiffy bag, can I please have the pattern? I almost gave up knitting, but seeing this cute thing (and being 7 months pregnant), I would love to pick it up again. My e-mail is I really appreciate it!!!

  11. is this available as a crochet pattern, i don't know how to knit