Saturday, 25 July 2009

Addicted to angora!

Well, my dear knitfiends, given that it is a summer of rain, drizzle and 20 degree moderation, I feel strangely unembarrassed to share my little obsession of the month... namely a cache of lovely angora/merino yarn from Sublime and a particular beret pattern on ravelry.

I discovered this pattern a few weeks when I had some leftover angora blend yarn, and was very pleased with the result and the speed. It is designed by Kathleen Dames and is called 'EZ as Pi Lace Beret' (after Elizabeth Zimmerman). A link is here...

Since then I have banged out a few more. In each case I have modified the pattern slightly. (For anyone interested, I have given details of my modifications on the ravelry project pages, so click the rav links to see more....)

A few notes about the yarns used...

Sublime Angora Merino Blend - On the plus side, this yarn is just outstandingly soft! The finished beret feels gorgeous against the skin. On the con side, it sheds like crazy while you are knitting and sends fluff wafting up your nose. (The shedding does seem to die down though once it has been washed and blocked.)

Sublime Kid Mohair - On the good side, this is a very soft, non-itchy mohair that feels lovely against the skin. On the con side, it really is lighter than air, so probably wouldn't keep your head particularly warm if you went for a day trip in the arctic...

A note about blocking... I have found a great technique for blocking a lacy beret. Take a dinner plate and invert it on top of a wine glass... now take your damp, handwashed beret and stretch it over the diner plate, so that the brim dangles below. Pull it to shape so that the beret pulls in on itself a little under the plate, then leave overnight to dry... so far I am finding that this gives a perfect beret shape to the hat. (I may post a pic of the next one mid-block)

Ravelry Links

Angora / Merino Beret in Chilli (red)

Angora / Merino Beret in blue

Kid Mohair Beret in Fig (dusky lilac)

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