Thursday, 4 June 2009

Socky goodness!

So while everyone else is busy blogging about who they're voting for in the European elections, I shall be blogging in an overexcited manner about my finished socks...

Behold the faux fair isle magic! (Was this yarn invented at Hogwarts?)

These were made for my miniscule elf feet out of Sirdar Crofter DK in 'Bracken', which means that they were a lovely fast knit. As far as knitting goes, it is as close as you can usually get to instant gratification.

And they're so plush... it feels like wearing slippers!
I might just be catching the sock bug... (rav details here:


  1. Oo! They're lovely (again!). Am in awe.

  2. Thank you! :-) I might become a sock addict after this. (And I just want to say they're really easy to make, once you get used to working on double pointed needles)

  3. They are very nice....but just can't see myself knitting any..and I don't know why..b/c I love the instant pattern affair

  4. Double pointed needles? They've made me go 'Eeeek!' just at the thought of them! I really am a novice knitter, though I'm trying to be braver... :)

  5. I've just bought 6 balls of this wool in two colourways, and can't wait to get started with it; I don't think I shall be attempting socks though... :)

  6. There are quite a few nice patterns for this yarn, including wrist warmers and socks that you can knit on flat needles and then sew up at the end. (I will PM you...)